EVIL DEAD under new management!

After 4 years of painting Las Vegas bloody, EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL is changing to new management.

Sirc Michaels, who brought the show to Las Vegas in October of 2011 and has been at its helm ever since, is stepping away from the hit production to focus on other pursuits.

Sirc has been producing shows for over 2 decades, focusing on productions that cater to fan-based material such as tours of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW and the Las Vegas staging of DR. HORRIBLE’S SING ALONG BLOG. EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL has been his most recent – and arguably his most successful – outing to date, where his hard work garnered the loyalty of fans from across the globe as well as the endorsement of the iconic film star Bruce Campbell, who brought EVIL DEAD’s central character Ash to life so many years ago in the original film series and resurrected the character for the newly successful ASH VS EVIL DEAD tv show.

For much of the show’s run thus far, Sirc has served as the emcee and host of the show, welcoming fans of all ages into a world of dancing demons, loud chainsaws, and free flowing fountains of blood.

He credits the fans of the EVIL DEAD franchise with the show’s success, and sends his love to everyone who has come out to see the show.

The show will continue under new management at its new home at The Tommy Wind Theater, where it has been enjoying an expanded weeknight run.

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams…
So long and thanks for all the fish!

Dear fans, deadites, deadheads, freaks, geeks, friends, fiends, enemies, frenemies, fuckbuddies, and brothers and sisters…

It has been a long, exciting run for me and EVIL DEAD, a show that was originally going to be in town for a quick 3 week visit. But all good things must come to an end, and EVIL things must come to an end as well!

Thankfully, the show itself is continuing under new management at its home at The Tommy Wind Theater, and I encourage all you deadheads and deadites out there to keep on going to our little show that refuses to die!

Over the years I’ve seen countless people come to the show and do the Necronomicon. We’ve had weddings and proposals happen onstage. We’ve had people come to the show who were grandparents and as young as infants. We’ve “carried” kids and have made at least one person projectile vomit from all the excitement in the Splatter Zone (Hi Mike!).

I’ve made a million memories that I’ll cherish forever – and I hope you know just how much I’ve loved getting to know them and how much your support has meant.

I want to thank you for being so damned GROOVY. You guys have been the show’s primary source of inspiration and I want to thank all of you for being a part of the magic and making the show something I have loved doing.

The show will continue on here in Las Vegas at the Tommy Wind Theater, where I hope it has a nice long UN-life!

Stay Groovy!
Sirc Michaels

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