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As we know it…

Hey there guys and gals, freaks and geeks, dead heads and deadites!

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately, and we want to make sure it is clear for all of our KILLER fans out there that we are not affiliated with the current production of EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL in Las Vegas. As we understand it, the show closed at Bally’s and we don’t know where it is performing in Las Vegas but you can reach them at their FB Page for more information.

We’ve been getting swamped with emails and messages from our fans who have already purchased tickets to the show. To all of you guys we say we’re sorry but we don’t have much information on that. Contact the guys at their FB Page. The vendor or ticketing agency you got the tickets from should automatically refund your purchase if the show is cancelled, though you may want to reach out to them just in case you want to be safe.

This site, which has been in operation since the show started its run on the Las Vegas Strip, will continue to bring you updates, pics, and stories related to the production as brought to the stage by Sirc Michaels. There’s a memoir in the works that we’ll get you news on when we get it. You can also visit us at our FB Page, where we’re always good for a laugh or a vomit.

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