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Brian McGee


Brian McGee is a born and raised Las Vegas local, and currently works as a professional musician, music and science educator, and freelance cosplayer. He has loved all types of performing and has overacted everything since he could walk and being cast in Peter Pan at age 12 changed his life forever. After earning a general degree from UNR for music performance and music education in 2010, Brian jumped back into acting and moved to LA to study film acting, stage combat, and improv comedy. Previously the Ash understudy at Evil Dead the Musical in Las Vegas in 2012-2013, he has now returned for more bloody good times! He would like to sincerely thank all the fans, both foreign and domestic, for making this show as successful and as much fun as it is! It would not be the show it is (and it definitely wouldn’t still be here after FIVE YEARS!) without all the support and heckling from the amazing and dedicated fans!

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